jtip food Better Choice for Plant-Based food jtip food Better Choice for Vegetarian lives jtip food Better Choice for Vegetarian lives ปลาเค็มทอดกรอบเจ ผงซุปเห็ดหอมเจ

Plant-Based Food

The future food which are primarily from plants. Plants protein for humans. Our plant-based products are made from pure intention as well as new innovation based on simplicity and Non GMO plant ingredients. We have been establishing plant-based products for over 20 years. Our products are full of plant protein which is as excellent as meat protein, no cholesterol, no antibiotics and no other uncommon substance.

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About Us

Thai J.Tip Food manufactures fine vegetarian products with great care and ambition under international standards. To satisfy all customers, our staff are persistently in charge of developing our goods and quality.

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