Plant-Based Food

The future food  which are primarily from plants.

Plants protein for humans.


Our plant-based products are made from pure intention

as well as new innovation based on simplicity and Non GMO plant ingredients.


We have been establishing plant-based products for over 20 years.

Our products are full of plant protein which is as excellent as meat protein,

no cholesterol, no antibiotics and no other uncommon substance.


Key ingredients


We use protein from various sources which are all plants.

 Plants are nutritious and high in protein as much as in meat such as the protein from nuts and grains.


We use natural healthy fat such as rice bran oil and coconut oil.


Our food contains calcium and iron from Sea Salt and Himalayan salt.

There also are other minerals such as Potassium Chloride

which is included to enhance the rich of protein to be as high as meat.

Taste and Color

The food is colored and and flavored by natural food additives

from plants, Thai rice. No artificial color included.


Many kinds of natural carbohydrate are used such as from potatoes and rice. It provides nutritional value and good feeling when chewing.